Global Hop Summit 2019


Hops is not only one of the oldest medicinal plants, rather an indispensable raw material for beer production. He is often referred to as the "soul of beer". The international hop growing sector on around 60,000 hectares, with focus on Europe and the US, is currently facing enormous challenges as a small special culture. Especially, climate change and higher requirements for the protection of environmental resources are forcing a discussion on the reorientation of hop growing for the future. 

Focal points are the introduction of new methods for efficient, irrigation and needs-based fertilization. Another key issue is the necessary reorientation of pest and disease control as well as a significant intensification of breeding and research to achieve these objectives. However, this concerted action cannot be achieved in the relatively short time required by law and politics.

On the contrary, there is an urgent need for sufficiently long transitional periods, which are particularly necessary for breeding and research in the hops sector, in order to establish new, alternative cultivation methods in practice in addition to new climate-adapted varieties. Otherwise, it can be assumed that there will be enormous losses in terms of quality and yield in European and international hop growing over the next 5 years, which will endanger the coexistence between the hops and brewing sector. 

To bring this topics to the relevant audience, the German Hop Growers Association teamed up with the Brewing Industry and other relevant experts from agriculture to politics and introduced the Global Hop Summit in November 2019. The event took place in the Representation of the Free State of Bavaria to the European Union in Brussels with 20 speakers on stage and more than 100 people in the audience. We want to give you a heads up by providing some of the presentations and speeches held as well as the official press release from the event. 

Download Global Hop Summit Hopfen-Rundschau International Editorial (PDF, DE/EN)

Download Global Hop Summit Official Press Release (PDF, German)

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► Global Hop Summit am 18. November 2019 in Brüssel - Pressemitteilung Verband Deutscher Hopfenpflanzer e.V. vom 21.11.2019

     Global Hop Summit Pressefotos - Pressemitteilung Verband Deutscher Hopfenpflanzer e.V. vom 21.11.2019

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